5 Tips to Boost Your Small Business Clients

Yes this is post basically an infomercial for Constant Contact – but it’s valid, accurate and timely info that all small businesses who need to market themselves can employ – no matter what email marketing platform you use.  (Mail Chimp, Ad mail,  or Constant Contact ) – Email marketing is truly the easiest way to attract, engage, and retain customers.  

This easy five-step process contains everything you need to be successful.

1. Ask for permission  – If you let them know the benefits of subscribing they’re more likely to sign up and look forward to hearing from you.

2. Be where your customers are- Identify the two social media channels where your customers are most active and tailor your marketing efforts to those channels

3. Provide valuable content – Your passion for what they do. Your enthusiasm is contagious- pass it on!

4. Engage your customers – Engage customers using genuine dialog, don’t sell or push product

5. Track your progress – The more you understand about your audience and your progress, the stronger your marketing results will be.

Full Story courtesy:  http://www.entrepreneur.com/native/n?prx_t=Sq0BAx10CAyJ8BA