10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

The web is full of some lame websites. (If you cringe when you refer prospects to your current site – then this means you)

And it’s not always just about design – there are many other elements besides how your web­site looks that go into making it customer and prospect friendly – not to mention a site that inspires a person to actually do business with you.

Below are the essentials that every small business website should have – and all can be had for under $2500.00

  1. A clear description of who you are
  2. A simple, sensible Web address
  3. An easy-to-navigate site map
  4. Easy-to-find contact information
  5. Customer testimonials
  6. An obvious call to action
  7. SEO basics
  8. Fresh, quality content
  9. A secure hosting platform
  10. A design and style that’s friendly to online and mobile readers.

Contact 95 North for a quote on a refresh of your current site or for us to build you a brand new site.

Courtesy of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Instant Start Up Guide (3/15)