Perfect Your 3-Minute Pitch

A solid three-minute pitch can help you attract vendors and suppliers, recruit employees, and more. These 3 steps will help you perfect your pitch.

Get their attention…
….with a short opener that tells what your company does, why it’s unique and how it serves your customers. Your goal is to encourage your audience to want to hear more. And organize it into three parts: an opener, an explanation of what your company does, and a very short story or technical detail designed specifically to invite your audience to pick up the conversational ball.

Tell them the right story
Make sure your story is tailored to a specific audience – not same pitch to all audiences. Develop several two-sentence examples of client experiences for different audiences. The first sentence explains what you did for the client; the second provides just one fact about the results the project delivered.

Keep ’em on the hook
Whether you are presenting to investors via a PowerPoint presentation or introducing yourself at a networking event, your goal is to start a relationship. Make the pitch more about the audience and less about you. You have to quickly figure out how your business is relevant to that exact person you are speaking  – It’s not about sharing what’s interesting to you about the company, but what’s interesting to them about it.

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