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Don’t Wait until Thanksgiving to Thank Your Employees

Thanking your employees near or over Thanksgiving week is at best a cliché, and at worst hollow and counterproductive, and will more likely be seen for the marketing ploy it is. Thanksgiving isn’t a day. It isn’t an email to employees. It isn’t a pre-written message from the CEO.

Companies that treat their employees well all year and regularly express thanks for their work and loyalty are reaping the rewards of greater employee retention, positive brand awareness and word-of-mouth. 

So how do you make thanking employees and other key constituents a habit year-round?  Here are a four recommendations that can become part of your regular communication rhythm:

1. Thank you notes
Hand-written and/or email. A simple word or two of recognition goes a long way, every day of the year with your employees and partners.

2. Surprise extras
Bring your team coffee sometime. Pick up the tab for your booth staffers the next time you’re at a trade show. These little extras go a long, long way towards gratitude, appreciation and loyalty.

3. Random calls from executives
Give your leadership team a short list of employees and partners to call each week. The impact that has on employees and partners who may have little to no direct interaction with these high-visibility people is huge.        

4. Like and favorite their content on social
The split-second it takes you to click that Like or Favorite button on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook pales in comparison to the value you get from that individual for having taken the time to do so.   

 Article Excerpted from piece written by Matt Heinz, the President of Heinz Marketing.